Monday, June 5, 2017

Madras Square,ECR,Chennai

The cafe at east cost Madras Square has a very charming atmosphere in summer during evenings. Place is done up in bistro casual style. .

The spacious quality of the building is accentuated by free flowing design. Outside space has free flowing area so maximum natural light is introduced.

Walk down through this you can see an atmosphere filled with greens, which makes your feel closer to nature. 

Scene of Cultural Identity

The painting and decoration of flora has the effect of bringing us inside

Each corner reflects Indian craftsmanship

Traditional chair is skillfully covered with fabric

Cozy corner of Madras Square is filled with extra ordinary fusion of Indian Style with floral wall papers with traditional decor.  

 There is a cool quality to the interior, the roof is made of wood and brick tile. 

Do drop in to this cafe in Chennai to enjoy the comfort and relish on some good food.

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  1. Beautiful pics..looks like a great place

  2. Wow beautiful veena. Never knew about it. Will visit them soon

  3. Thanks veena for introducing such a wonderful place..though have been living in Chennai for quite long,I was not aware of this cafe..Will definitely vist soon..and your photos are fabulous as always.

  4. Nice pics..will visit soon..looks like better ambience if visited in the night


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