Thursday, May 18, 2017

Antique Hunt, Kumarakom, Kerala

On my recent trip to Kerala I captured few photos from a shop in Kumarakom which is near my house.  This store is named " Antique Shop " where you would love to go through a huge collection of vintage Indian artifacts. 

  I suggest you take a look at this shop on your next trip to Kumarakom. You will end up seeing many interesting artifacts, furniture, sculptures, pillars and many more. If you are a vintage lover then this is the place.

If you are looking for treasures for a bargain then you can move away. :-) 


Entrance Garden

The store has been built using goods (most of the wood work) collected from old houses and mansions. Interesting, Isn't it  ?? 

In addition of restoring old antique furniture, they also do traditional typical Kerala house roofing and wooden walls as per Architectural calculations.
(See 3 ,4 and 5 Pictures). 

Most of the furniture and artifacts are in old state and need some serious restoration. 


Pillars Beauty

I have been eyeing this crockery unit piece and  trying to convince myself that my house wouldn't be able to fit this in to. Maybe need a bigger house :-)

Restoration is done in the store workshop itself. As I said most of the furniture's came out after restoration. The excellent craftsmanship is enough reason for you not to bargain a price for such awesome restored products. 

Olden Style Portuguese light
Victorian Lamp

Arabian, Mugal lights

  Vintage lamps and the lights reminded me olden styles.

Hope all of you liked the wonderful store. Loads of crafts from India, mostly from South are selling here. Grab your favorite piece next time ! 

Antique Shop
Arupara,(Kumarakom road),
Kottayam, Kerala.

 You can follow the shop on FB :- 
9895897695 , 9895397695 ( Ummer and Navas ).

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  1. That's quite a detailed account..! Thanks for the wonderful photographs annexed..A nice cessation point for all antique lovers..


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