Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kerala Calling : Padmanabhapuram Palace

Gods Own Country is a major tourist place in the world history.

Years back I have been to Padmanabhapuram palace because of my interest for experiencing ancient construction. But it was little difficult to understand the  plans , elevations and sections of the building :-). 

Padmanabhapuram temple is located in the region of ancient Travancore(Trivandrum), extended from Marthandom ( Tamil Nadu State). Thid is a piece of one of the ancient wonders  built  with wood (timber in abundance) and stones.

The roof structure is constructed in timber, covered with clay tiles. 

Stone arts

Navarathri Mandapam

King lamp: The sculpture of the horse, hung on a chain, stand still in every direction you want to turn it – unlike common oil lamps, that twist and turn 
on their chains. 

                             An old chair placed in the sit out

Paintings in the  palace would  make us  admire the talent behind the creations.


Ottupura where food is offered to guests – when the rulers felt happy enough. This dining hall which could accommodate 2000+ people at a given time.

The wood carvings on the roof and beams emphasize the craftsmanship.

long corridors
 jaali works

The king held discussions with his ministers and took important decisions at this place,called Mantrashala.

 A kilivathil is a tiny window, the shutters of which are  beautifully decorated.

Sloped tiled roofs,  jaali works, long mysterious corridors, courtyards, amazing woodwork, play of light and shadow,  comfortable interior spaces, arts, painting  etc, are timeless architectural marvels portraying our rich tradition.

A trip to this palace is truly going to be a rewarding experience. After my trip I  carried home a bunch of memories to be cherished!

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  1. Its a great place to visit and there is so much of history in everything you see here. Its a must visit place for every traveller out there and highly recommended.

  2. The presentation is marvelous, the images are so good, the way of there architecture works and sculptiring was so great.


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