Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bronze House : Kumbakonam

I love brass bronze antique artifacts.

I got an opportunity to drop in to a bronze factory during my way back from Swamimalai,Tamilnadu and would like to share my experience.

It is a very old shop which follows traditional way of making bronze articles through WAX hereditary process. Surprisingly they are completely hand made. They are manufactures of all types of bronze icons according to Silpa Shastra for temples.

Filled with traditional unique bronze ,copper and panchaloha statues 

Craftsman  explained the entire process of making wax and the final touch to statues.

All the pieces are made separately

A 12 feet tall Lord Vishnu is getting ready for export.


Real effort to put forward the best of Indian Arts and culture in this fascinating world and an attempt to bring above the handicrafts of Tamilnadu.

If you are a passionate collector or have great interest to know about the manufacturing of bronze sculptures,you can meet Mr.Suresh,the owner of Rajan Industries, he is reachable at # 9443664810.

Do visit this place and pick up some handcrafted additions for your home. The shop is  approx 1 km from INDeco Sterling resort, Swamimalai.

( Images by Veena and are copyrighted)

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