Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Farm, Chennai

Though I have lived in Chennai for years and have heard about The Farm, Semmenchery, Chennai many a times but never got an opportunity to visit. We visited the place a few weeks back basically to allow our lil boy to spend some time amidst nature and farm animals. What surprised us was the fact that The Farm was equally entertaining to us as it was for our son. A typical farm set-up, truly gives a complete village atmosphere feel.

Open dining space allows a natural dining experience with chirping of birds and some unadulterated oxygen. (they have a closed dining space too)

                                 Open kitchen for their special Pizza. 

Made from the base to the final pizza (they have a wood fired oven to bake the pizza)

 Shop that sells fruits, vegetables and other edible products grown or made in the farm. 

Cows, buffaloes, poultry, horses are some of the animals here. A tour allows you to interact with these animals. 

The Farm is a must visit place for kids and adults equally. A welcome break from the urban lifestyle and stresses, this place allows us to unwind and energize. 

(Images are copyrighted by veenamurali)


  1. Agree with you Veena, its a beautiful, calm place to have a weekend getaway. I had my girl's birthday party arranged few years back and it was great. The kids made their own pizza. The restaurant arranged a farm tour for all the children. The kids collected some vegetables, fed the horses, some of them even milked the cow. It was a good experience for all and everyone had fun !!
    Even pets are allowed here.

  2. Thanks for beautiful review after reading this article I went to the farm with my family and they loved the place and food filled with nature.


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