Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diwali Depiction

This is how I welcome Diwali.

Brass artifacts and Diyas are the main attraction of traditional Indian festivals.Good to see lights in every corner of each home with decorations.

Diya's at the Entrance 

It’s the festival of get together with friends,families having lot of fun.I have delayed a little to post this forum because I was in charge of cleaning the house before Diwali:-)

Beer glass V/s Vase

No celebration in Tamilnadu without mallipoo..!! " Madurai Malli" The colour and the fragrance of the flower stay intact for two days due to its thick petal. 


                                                         Lights at temple during diwali

                                                 Frangipani leaf and flower

Wish you all my blogger friends a very blissful Diwali.

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