Monday, May 21, 2018

Natures Touch

Kerala’s blessed locales have been generously showered with immense beauty. Am sharing a beautiful place near by my home called Amaramkavu, Thodupuzha,Kerala.

 Surrounded by acres of forest containing 1000 year old trees. There is a small Vana Durga temple situates in the middle of forest. There is a clear path gives to the temple for the deities. 

The smoky swirls rising from the flickering flames of burning camphor carrying with them a signature smell. The sharp, strong and invigorating fragrance of burning camphor, agarbathies will unlock our memories of those countless visits to the temples, Isn't it ?

Everywhere surrounded with trees and greens which we could never get elsewhere.  These are some of the elements of nature that turn on the innate human feeling of love and relaxation.

Everything in nture
Way to temple


Everything in nature

Everything in nture

Amaram kavu

Amaram kavu

Amrm Kavu
The trees here, are not taken for any purpose

Everything In nature

Everything in Nature

Everything Innture

everyting in nature

everything in nature

everything in nature

everything in nture

Fall in love with the place. Come and Experience, evergreen and ever clean!

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Address: Kolani Jct, Thodupuzha, Kerala 685608
Phone: 04862 209 100

                 { Pictures by Veena Murali }

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