Thursday, September 7, 2017

Interesting Temples In Chennai

Fans in South India give divine status to their politicians & movie stars and they show their gratitude to them by building temples and worshipping them. 

 Am taking you to some interesting temples in Chennai.

Cricket Ganesha Temple

A cricket-lover in Chennai has built a 'Cricket Ganesha' temple that has idols of Lord Ganesha in several cricketing avatars. These include the 'Square Drive Ganesha' swinging his bat, the 'Spinner Ganesha' holding a ball, ready to bowl and the padded 'Wicket Keeper Ganesha.

The star attraction is the 11-headed Ganesha, symbolising the Indian cricket team. 

Location New Avadi Rd, O Block, Annanagar East, Chennai

Sri Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi Temple

It is believed that if one worships this Ganesha, he will fulfil the devotee’s desire to get a visa to work or study abroad. People, especially the younger generation coming from even far areas, “strongly trust” that this Ganapathi is “kind enough” to clear the visa procedures with ease. 

Here is the story.  Mr Jagannathan, an early settler in Nanganullur, constructed a small temple outside his house a few years ago and his father got the idol of Lord Ganesh from Mahabalipuram. Jagannathan’s neighbours regularly worshipped the deity,R few locals, who were preparing for studying and seeking employment abroad, placed their visa-related documents in front of the deity and prayed… their visa got cleared. Since then, the temple has been named ‘Visa Ganapathi’. 

Temple Location -  Brindavan Nagar at Nanganallur in Chennai. 

America Anjaneer

Visa Vinayagar is not alone. There is an America Anjaneyar in the Laskminarashimhar Temple in the same area, who is believed to make your american dreams comes true. Popular with the locals, devotees offer prayers to the Lord to fly abroad.

The way people worship and offer prayers to different deities to fulfil their wishes is becoming quite unique these days. Time is really changing, isn't it ?   

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