Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back to Vintage with Madras Prop Store

This time, I have got something unique, old, and interesting lined up for antique lovers ! 

Madras Prop store, by Jofy Abraham, A culinary antique online store based in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Like me, You would also love to go through the huge unique collection of vintage Indian utensils which can be broadly classified under Indian, British & Dutch style.

 It will take us back in time in terms of the uniqueness of most of the collection (mostly to the era of our forefathers). There are unique collection of items which were then used for food preparation, storage and serving.  I was able to identify with many, but not all :-).  Mostly of these vintage utensils are made with wood, copper, tinware, ceramic, stoneware etc. as in earlier days.

Few collections  from Madras Prop Store :

Chinese art on white pots, Seems like 18th century era.

Get your favourite one and add beauty to your home. And yes, they ship worldwide.

You can purchase beautiful products at:  

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(Images are by Madras Prop Store, Please do not use without permission).


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