Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Embassy in Shimla stands out for its view, ambiance and taste.This place speaks out for itself with the touch and taste. Restaurant is traditionally built and kept the original architecture of this region. 

The wood work is amazing and the panaromic view of Shimla is just unbeatable.

It's a small place, clinging to the side of the mountain with the most fabulous views over the city, the kindest and most insightful.
Is this  Unique?? "Pranaam" and Warning for "No Mobile"

It has kept  a brilliant timber window outlook that makes the atmosphere unique.

The Interiors of the place is pasted with paperers sharing stories with pro founded lovely life messages on them, written by the owner himself.

One of the board signed by Harivansh Rai bachchan 

 Cutlet and brownie  were lovely with a home made taste. They serve super yummy cakes.The cakes are from heaven.

 Meet the Owner Mr.Anil Malhotra ,is quite charming person who shared stories about the place,interior,decor etc.He has done all interesting quotations from all sorts of literature quotes,extracrs,books, decorated by himself in a creative way in all over every bit of wall space. 

  Mr.Anil Malhotra # 0177-2656867   aayu.malhotra@gmail.com

( Images by Veena and are copyrighted)


  1. cafe looks so serene with a warm welcoming ambiance..your fabulous photographs says it all..food image is making me drool..now shimla tops my places to visit list..


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